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Neither your age nor a degree make you superior to any person, particularly not at work. If that person has been doing the job longer and legitimately has more experience and performs their job correctly and efficiently, then they do have the right to give you instructions and orders, given correctly. Perhaps the reason you aren’t well liked is because of your sense of superiority.

you were California beautiful, i was playin' everything but cool

Title: you were California beautiful, i was playin’ everything but cool

Fandom: Baseball RPF

Characters: Madison Bumgarner/Brandon Belt/Buster Posey

Rating: NC-17

Words: 9611

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything and I’m not making any money off of this. If I did, I’d have a much nicer car and my own place. No intention to hurt anyone. I’m just a girl that likes making things up and writing them down.

Warnings: Polyamory, unconventional relationship.


Buster is the oldest. He’s the ‘stoic professional’ according to one of the beat writers, and people are all the time forgetting he’s actually pretty young.

Brandon is the second oldest. He’s consumed with frequent self doubt, even if he smiles and walks it off and pretends that he can’t hear the hate over the applause.

Madison is the youngest. He knows he has anger issues and knows that his teammates look at him as one of the babies to be looked after. It’s mostly a formality.

Not for the first time, he curses the irresistible temptation that Buster and Brandon combine to represent to him.

Seems like my default mood lately is ignored and pissed off. But I’m gonna get away from that. I do too much hating myself when something isn’t really my fault or isn’t entirely my fault, and it’s ruining my favorite things. I won’t let it ruin these things for me. I’ve hung my emotions up too much on people only to be let down. If you ditch me, fine, I’m moving on. The friends that matter are still there and the ones that aren’t weren’t really friends after all.

I had a mental healthy. Go me.

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