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I’m gonna depress the hell out of all of you. ready? ok go

so, that “stop devaluing feminized work post”

nice idea and all

but the thing is, as soon as a decent…

I’m a corrections officer. I once had a guy say, “Well if a woman’s doing it, it can’t be that difficult, can it?”

I'm not the only one having this same conversation am I?

  • My family (all laughing):

    "Why are you so mad?"

  • Me:

    "It's really simple! The Giants made me think they would clinch early and they didn't! They lost their f*ucking lead, sucked all summer, teased us with first and second place standings, and right now, here at the final stretch, they are still in second place, behind the f*cking Dodgers and they are giving me an ulcer!

  • My family (still laughing):

    "Somebody feed her. She's a bit miffed!"

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